Numbers for TinyFugue

Damage stat reporter for numbers perk.

type 'ds' to see your stats!

/def -mregexp -t"You hit (.+) ([0-9]+) time(s?) for ([0-9]+) damage\." damagetracker = /test totalrounds := totalrounds+1%;/test totalhits := totalhits+%P2%;/test totaldamage := totaldamage+%P4
/def damagestats = /test averageperround := totaldamage/totalrounds%;/test averageperhit := totaldamage/totalhits%;/echo Average damage over %totalrounds rounds - %averageperround (%averageperhit per hit)
/def -h"SEND ds" ds = /damagestats

For more accuracy move:

/test totalrounds := totalrounds+1

to your HPBar grabber.

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