Auto Contribute


Set the following variables:

cdonate = boolean (1 or 0). Use this to enable and disable the contribute script.
coindonatelimit = integer. Use this to set the amount of coins on hand to autocon
conper = integer from 1 to 100 representing a percentage. Use this to randomize your donations and only con <conper> percent of the time.

I recommend that you put /autocon into your HP bar trigger to spread donations out through combat.

/set coindonatelimit=10000
/set conper=50
/def autocon = /test randcon := rand(1,100) %;/if (coins > coindonatelimit & cdonate & conper >= randcon) con 100%;/elseif (worth < 125) /if (worth > 120) con 10%;/else /test conamt := 100-((worth-75)*2)%;con %conamt%;/unset conamt%;/endif%;/endif

To easily enable/disable autocon:

/def donateon = /set cdonate=1
/def donateoff = /set cdonate=0

And to track coins donated with your familiar:

/def -t"*You hand 100 coins to <INSERT FAMILIAR MESSAGE HERE>*" familiarcon = /test coins := coins-100
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