There are many paths into darkness, many roads that lead into the twilight realms of shadow and light that we call home. Caught between the brightness of the burning sun and the cold, chill of the dark night. We are the human and and the monster, the good and the evil. We are the embodiment of purgatory, basking eternally in the nether regions between life and death - being neither, but mastering both.

We are that monstrous other that haunts your fevered dreams, that which you believe you do not believe in. We are all around you, although you feel our presence only in the blackest recesses of your mortal soul - the icy spot on the stairs, the flicker of shadow outside your window, the luminous eyes that stalk you in the night. We are the bearers of the dark magic that is both our blessing and our curse.

We are Necromancers.


Welcome to the Necromancer Wiki. It is our attempt at bringing you knowledge and making your time as a Necromancer a little easier. This is a brand new site; check back frequently.

Latest Updates

Tintin MIP - Balthus
Implementation of 3k MIP info system for Tintin++, as used by the Portal mud client.
Collects a LOT of very useful information for you to use in your own scripts and info displays.

Equipment database - Balthus

Gentech Hp Bar - karvec
Again, thanks to Pastafarian for his help with the Monk HP bar, I changed it a bit to work with Gentech— Note, I did change the gentech HP Bar, added a second line, removed the CPC-Max, just look at the code for info, if you have any questions contact Sock or Karvec on 3k.

Tinyfugueidle - parisienne
To make a bot stop to stay within legal limits in tinyfugue one could add the lines of code at the bottom to do:

Tinyfugue - parisienne
Idle Check

3k Twitter Page
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