Necromancer Invoke Damage Emotes

The following is a listing of Necromancer Invoke damage emotes.
Numeric values are roughly estimated and open to suggestion.

Damage Emotes

Brown emote. [0 - 12]
The spell powers weakly into <mob>. [13 - 32]
<mob> is slightly buffeted by the spell. [33 - 70]
<mob> is buffeted by the spell. [71 - 105]
The magic delivers moderate damage to <mob>. [106 - 142]
The spell strikes <mob>. [143 - 171]
The spell strikes hard into <mob>. [172 - 210]
The spell strikes into <mob> very hard. [211 - 249]
The spell powers hard into <mob>. [250 - 293]
The spell powers into <mob> very hard. [294 - 306]
The spell does excessive damage to <mob>.
The spell exceptionally damages <mob>.
<mob> staggers from the impact of the spell.
<mob> stumbles backward from the impact of the spell.
The magic delivers a mighty blow to <mob>.
The spell mightily impacts into <mob>.
The powerful magic impacts itself upon <mob>!
A great deal of damage is impacted upon <mob>!
The spell smites <mob> with a mighty blow!
The spell violently delivers a crushing blow to <mob>!
The spell smites <mob> with a powerful, crushing blow!
The power of the magic violently destroys <mob>!
The force of the powerful magic absolutely obliterates <mob>!
The magic of the spell devastatingly massacres <mob>!
The magic annihilates <mob> with godlike force and power!
The entire room is shaken from the massive power of the spell!
Red emote!!
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