Hidden or obfuscated necromancer comands

This is a list of necro commands that are obscure or not well documented, but are still useful to know.

The following commands have info files:

lscroll — This is a remote listing of the contents in the scroll case.

glamor2 — Ordained+ command to select one's second form glamour.

gtitle — set your title to your necromatic standing

hpreport — displays a graphical representation of a necromancer's energy usage during an interval of time.

dosoul — Due to the occasional conflict between guild command names and soul commands, the 'dosoul' command allows you to carry out these soul commands while still leaving the guild commands as they currently are.

detect darkness — See the level of darkness in a room.
*1 light: Clear
*0 light: Misty
*-1 light: Shadowy
*-2 light: Murky
*-3 light: Black
*-4+ light: Pitch black

The following commands do not have info files:

Chat to both 3k and 3s Necros at the same time:

At Duncan you may:
say donators

To get a list of objects/mobs in a room:
parse <partial word>
Lists all matches.

To gather kindling for 'funeral pyre'
'gather kindling' in an outdoor room

Also check out these hard-to-find info and necro files

info base powers
info titles
info retirement
info exodus
info transference

necro alphapowers
necro general_index

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