GXP Counter

CMUD way to calculate how many rounds and combat hours til you will glvl

Create a trigger:

~|&*Next Circle~:~[&%s&%x{current_GXP}~]{=|-|>}

Then create an alias 'gxptogo':
#ALARM +1 {#VAR rndglvl %eval(((100-@current_GXP)*100)*5);#SHOW @rndglvl rounds till GLVL!;#VAR combatgxp %eval((@rndglvl/30.0)/60.0);#SHOW %format(2,@combatgxp) combat hours til GLVL!}

You will need to do gscore every round to see how many rounds it takes to earn .01%. In my case and the case of this formula, it takes 5. If you take 2 rounds to earn .01% then you would change the 5 in the formula to a 2.

Three variables should be created automatically, if not they are:

Then type "gxptogo" and you will see how many estimated rounds of combat and combat hours are needed for your circle!

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