General Tips

Donate, Donate, Donate!

Guild class is a very mysterious part of the guild. You can see your class
by looking at the current 'stone' you have in your guild score.

In in your guild score, you will see a line that will look similar to:

You are 55% to your next pyrostone phylactery repower - You may scribe

And in your inventory command:

Parisienne's onyx golden Phylactery with 10 radiant pyrostone studs

"Pyrostone" represents my class, however the name of the stone is mostly
random. "radiant" refers to my stone brightness.

"Mostly random" is "Mostly" because there are two types of stones, "initial"
and "advanced". Initial stones can only be gained below circle 25 (please tell
Parisienne if you have gained an initial stone above this circle). In addition
the order in which one receives stones is randomized within the two lists
below. It is also random in that the name of the stone that you get will grant
a different effect for each person.


I have compiled a list of all of the stones that I have seen in the guild
below. These are in alphebetical order but they will not come this way. My
final stone was Pyrostone but it could be any of the advanced stones for you.

brittite blackstone
copper bluestone
diamond brimstone
electrum deathstone
emerald ebonite
gold earthstone
jade fireopal
mercury gravestone
platinum hellstone
ruby moonstone
sapphire necrostone
shimmerite pyrostone
silver starstone
steel sunstone
varianium wrathstone


+10 Memory Globes
+15 NP
+1 Form Glamour
+1 Teleport
+1 Increased glamour duration
+5 Increased glamour duration
* Reduced repower duration
+1 Phantom star in Virulence
+1 Phantom star in Power
+1 Phantom star in Corrosion
+1 Phantom star in Light


Stones are obtained by coins, corpses and equipment donated to the guild.
You can donate coins through the 'contribute' command ('con' for short) or at
Wythe. Contribute is far superior because worth factors on. The current theory
is that if you 'con 100' with 125% worth it actually counts as 125 coins
donated. It should also be noted that donating a lot of coins all at once is
far less effective than spreading your donations out over time. The tithe room
will not count towards your donation status but I think it is important to
tithe anyway so that we can have rewards for trivia and other guild


Generally memory globes are the least desirable effect a stone can grant.
Maxme is much sought-after along with phantom stars, teleports and
glamours/increased glamour duration.

Some, like me, are led to believe that donating more coins and corpses will
help with getting stones that give effects other than memory globes.

It also seems highly likely that if one is able to get all 15 initial
stones that the final initial stone will grant maxme. If you do not get maxme
after your 15th newbie stone try and donate more coins and corpses than

I believe that I am the first person to get all of the stones. Please let
me know if you have already gotten this far! I would love to share notes.

This info file will change in the upcoming months drastically. I have only
published it now so that others may benefit from what I have learned.
In addition, I would like to thank Elektra in particular (without whom I would
have not been able to acquire all 30 stones and hence this file would not
exist yet) but also William, Cixx and Hannibal for their observations.

Thanks, and enjoy,

-Parisienne Fatale, collector of stones

Wear Equipment

Many necromancers underestimate the value of armour. You will find that you consume far less corpses when suitably equipped. Even 'mediocre' equipment does a great deal!

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