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From: Mohan
Date: Fri Oct 10 17:52:14 2008
To : Parisienne
Subject: 3klient

while ((x > 22000) and (x < 28000))
or ((x > 32486) and (x < 33546))
or ((x > 38475) and (x < 39567))
or ((x > 51745) and (x < 59611))
or ((x > 68746) and (x < 75461))
or ((x > 87932) and (x < 92105))
or (x < 10000)
do x:=random(Datawell.randommax);

That's the code that picks a random code. It has to be within those ranges.

This'll work '3klient 28001~Po8.000'.

Rudementary MIP detection and gagging.
Fire up MIP with the alias "aStartMIP". The unique identifier is generated randomly, but the MIP client code seems to need to be hard-coded currently.

Gagging and MIP extraction is pretty good when spam is low, but degrades when in combat.

One of the main problems is that zMud uses %number for internal variables by default, and under normal conditions it seems to gag some of the MIP codes behind the scenes because of this. For instance "#K%29782007BAE0.00" gets turned into "#K" when you put it through a lot of the zMUD functions. I have used %pop to access the data without interpretation so that I can replace % with the non-common character ¤, which zMud allows through unmolested.

MIP data is just being dumped out to the MIP window currently, no code interpretation being done (yet). The script attempts to output any trailing text on a line containing MIP data as normal (Although this is not 100% accurate yet, leading characters and/or colour codes can get confused on affected lines.

#ALIAS aStartMIP {
  #VA vMIPID %rightback( %concat( "00000", %random( 99999)), 5) _nodef MIP
  #SEND {3klient @vMIPID~~Po8.750}
#VAR vMIPParse {}
#VAR vMIPOut {}
#REGEX {^(?vMIPParse:.*\#K\%@vMIPID.*)} {
  #VA vMIPParse %subregex( %pop( vMIPParse), "\%", "¤") _nodef MIP
  #VA vMIPParse %subregex( %pop( vMIPParse), "\#K\¤", "|") _nodef MIP
  #VA vMIPOut %null _nodef MIP
  #LOOP %numitems( @vMIPParse) {
    :MIP:#SAY %copy( %quote( @vMIPParse.%i), 9, %copy( @vMIPParse.%i, 6, 3))
    #VA vMIPOut %concat( @vMIPOut, %right( @vMIPParse.%i, %eval( %copy( @vMIPParse.%i, 6, 3) + 8)))
  } "" {prompt|notrig|color}
zMUD MIP (In Development) by BalthusBalthus, 15 Oct 2008 12:50

I was thinking there could be a nice index of general guild info.
I'm not saying we should copy the info files from there to here, but have a bit of an index here.
I realize it would be a chore, but it could definately come in handy when searching for info but not knowing how to put together the syntax.

Ideas for pages by CixxCixx, 09 Oct 2008 17:25
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